Deimos 2

General Specifications
Diameter 6 inches (150mm)
Length 17 feet (5m)
Recovery Parachute at apogee (booster)
Parachute at apogee (payload section)
Parachute at 1000 feet (payload section)
Fin Geometry 3 Clipped Deltas
Nosecone Tangential Ogive
Motor Type Hybrid Rocket Motor
Fuel Polethylene
Oxidiser Nitrous Oxide (N2O)
Nozzle Pyrolytic Graphite (Reuseable)
Fill Control 12 Volt Solenoid Valve
Burn Time 15 seconds
Avionics & Payloads
  • AED Compact R-DAS #1
  • AED Compact R-DAS #2
  • G-Wiz LC Deluxe #1
  • G-Wiz LC Deluxe #2
  • Payloads
  • Axial Video Camera #1
  • Transverse Video Camera #2
  • Stills Camera #1
  • Stills Camera #2
  • Flight Data from the Deimos-2 rocket flight.
    (Note: the data is taken directly from the principal R-DAS Flight Computer data carried onboard the Deimos-2 rocket - sampled at 200 Hz)

    Video Still Captures from the onboard video cameras onboard the Deimos-2 rocket flight.
    (Left: Camera looking down along the length of the rocket. Right: Camera looking sidewards out of the rocket.)