The Advantages of sponsoring the MARS team

The MARS group's activities have traditionally been self-funded by the members of the team themselves. However, as the team's goals have expanded and the cost of each project has increased, the team have increasingly found it neccesary to seek corporate sponsorship to fund the group's activities.

MARS have been running sponsored projects for several years now, and have received nothing but positive feedback from our sponsors for the massive media exposure they have received, through the funding of the group's record-breaking activities.

As we rapidly approach the point where the group will be capable of placing payloads into space, the team's profile and exposure is increasing at a massive rate, and so the opportunities open to potential sponsors to piggy-back on that exposure are also expanding.

Listed below are some of MARS's media appearances over recent years, clearly demonstrating the potential cross-media exposure available to sponsors of the MARS team. Should you be interested in receiving further information about sponsorship opportunities with MARS, please contact us.

date details
September 2003 MARS high altitude attempt
Hobby Space Online
June 2002 Hybrid Success for British rocket
BBC News Online
November 2001 British experts claim rocketry success
BBC News Online
November 2001 Independent Magazine
May 2001 Discovery Channel
November 2000 '' documentary
October 2000 Rocketeers smash UK record
BBC News Online
October 2000 Rocket team claim record success
BBC News Online
October 2000 London Tonight
October 2000 BBC Radio 1
October 2000 BBC News 24
October 2000 Virgin Radio
October 2000 Radio 5
October 2000 Discovery Channel
October 2000 Evening Standard
October 2000 The Times
October 2000 The Guardian
October 2000 Independent
September 2000 MARS attacks rocket records
BBC News Online
September 2000 Harrow Observer
September 2000 BBC Newsroom Southeast
March 2000 BBC Tomorrows World
November 1999 Sky TV
June 1999 Independent
Early 1999 Innovations
July 1998 Newsroom Southeast
July 1998 Pinner Observer
July 1998 Harrow Observer
July 1995 BBC Newsroom Southeast
July 1992 BBC 'Newsround'
March 1992 Harrow Observer