MARS are committed to the ethos of absolute simplicity in all of our projects wherever possible. We have already determined that the goal of putting an amateur rocket above 100km in altitude does not require active guidance for the rocket vehicle. That said, we are always looking to the future, and where the developments we are making could lead us. Most importantly, we are looking towards future use of government ranges where flight path control during ascent would be advantageous, not least for possible future orbital launches.

Since 1995, MARS members have been working on private projects related to flight control and guidance. The most exciting and high profile of these has been the "GYROC" project. The Gyroc vehicle, is quite possibly, the worlds smallest gyro stabilised, gimballed flying rocket. The tiny 2ft tall rocket has no fins, and relies entirely on thrust control rather than aerodynamics to maintain its orientation.

MARS hope that the GYROC project, and our other current guidance projects, will place us in a position where, once we need to have flight control systems for our rockets, we will be able to integrate these technologies very rapidly.