Phobos EAV

General Specifications
Diameter 4 inches (104mm)
Length 13 feet (3.96m)
Recovery Parachute at apogee (booster)
Parachute at apogee (upper section)
Parachute at 1000 feet (upper section)
Fin Geometry
  • 3 Clipped Deltas (Booster)
  • 3 Clipped Deltas (Upper Stage)
  • Nosecone Conical
    Motor Type Kosdon O-10,000
    Total Impulse 22,000 Newton seconds
    Nozzle Pyrolytic Graphite
    Burn Time 2.4 seconds
    Avionics & Payloads
    Avionics (Upper Stage)
  • AED Compact R-DAS
  • Cambridge Instruments IAX-96
  • Black Sky Research ALTACC-2
  • RF Tracker #1
  • RF Tracker #2
  • Avionics (Booster)
  • G-Wiz LC Deluxe
  • Black Sky Research Timer-2B Timer
  • Altitude/Acceleration vs Time Graph from the Phobos-EAV flight. (Note: the data is taken directly from the ALTACC Altimeter/Accelerometer carried onboard the Phobos-EAV rocket - sampled at 16 Hz)
    Phobos-EAV Altitude/Acceleration Data Graph
    Thrust Curve from the Kosdon O-10,000 Solid Rocket Motor used for the Phobos EAV Flight.
    (Note: the data is taken directly from the R-DAS Flight Computer data carried onboard the Phobos EAV rocket - sampled at 200 Hz)

    Phobos-EAV Thrust Data Graph