The "Phobos" series of rockets are MARS's workhorse test rockets, but also, have been until recently a simple way of breaking records, until our hybrid propulsion systems have evolved to a stage where they can deliver similar performance and reliability.

The Phobos rockets all utlise factory made or custom made commercial solid rocket motors. They also share the characteristic of being largely made from off-the-shelf "HPR" rocket components, with very few custom made parts.

No one will ever reach space with factory made "HPR" rocket motors, no matter how many of them they use. For that reason, it has always been planned that at some point, the Phobos series of rockets would become largely redundant, as larger and more powerful amateur hybrid motors became operational within MARS. This point has now been reached, with the MARS amateur hybrids able to provide far more altitude for a given value of propellant. That said, the Phobos series isn't dead. These reliable, high performance rockets will now form a fleet of small test rockets, which MARS will continue to use to test systems, avionics, airframe construction techniques and recovery systems for the Deimos rockets.

phobos 1 phobos 2 phobos 3 phobos 4 phobos eav