Hybrid Tests

B4-101 Test article firingDuring the preparations for the Deimos Odyssey and Deimos 2 launches MARS have made a large number of tests of hybrids and hybrid motor elements to better determine the optimum design for several critical systems.

These tests have included several firings of the B4-101 ignition test article, a nozzleless motor used to test ignition of and burn stability of the fuel for the large B4 rocket motor.

Richard models
the two motor test articles The group has also static fired the B4-75 ignition test article, a smaller motor with nozzle to test the pyro-valve design and also the BK-Flamer 40mm hybrid motor to test new aluminised fuel grains.

All tests have been brilliantly successful leaving the group confident of success in the use of these technologies in upcoming high altitude launches.