MARS crew smash records at K-Lob

The weekend of September 29th/30th should have seen the Flight Crew in the Black Rock desert in Nevada, however, due to the cancellation of the Deimos Odyssey 2001 project at the last minute the group found themselves suddenly free to attend the K-Lob launch at Pete's Farm in Lincolnshire to be held that same weekend. With a new found enthusiasm for the UK based projects and lots of previously booked off holiday several members of the group went all out to make the most of the launch opportunity.

Steven Woolhead completed construction of his 54mm diameter all carbon altitude attempt vehicle in time for the launch. Ben Jarvis spent two and a half days constructing the 'Deimos PTV1' hybrid altitude attempt vehicle and other members such as Richard Osborne took the time to repair and upgrade existing rocket vehicles.

Stevens rocket heads for its place on the record board MARS were the first to arrive on Friday afternoon, taking advantage of the unusually good weather on Friday Steve and Ben decided to make a K altitude record drag race. Ben prepped his 'Gone Fisting' vehicle on a K185W and Steve prepped his Carbon rocket on a K185W also. The race was made around 4:30pm. Steve's rocket unfortunately didn't light but Ben's rocket screamed off the launch pad and reached a recorded altitude of 9811ft setting a new K class UKRA altitude record.

Saturday morning saw a band of rain and low cloud move through leaving people time to prep for the afternoon by which time the weather cleared. Saturday afternoon Steve launched his carbon rocket reaching over 12,000ft and breaking the K record once again. MARS now hold 1st, second and third place in the K record! Ben also launched the Deimos PTV1 hybrid making a spectacular flight with a nine second burn time! Richard made an attempt to launch the first ever hybrid/solid cluster using his modified 'Nitro-Stick' rocket but unfortunately suffered an unexplained motor failure of the core H70 Ratt Works motor resulting in the motors oxidiser tank bursting and the rocket being completely destroyed.

Bad weather prevented any serious flying on Sunday however all in all the weekend was a great success for the group. Although some members of the group intend to launch at the EARS launch the following weekend the next serious launch event MARS will attend will be our own 'Brass Balls launch in January - all fingers are crossed for better weather than this years Brass Balls event!