MARS Deimos Odyssey Launch Day Approaches!

20th September, 2002 - MARS are pleased to report that everything is proceeding smoothly towards the launch. The morale of the team is high, and following a dry run to ensure everything still works properly, no outstanding issues were found. The VSAT terminal is working flawlessly, enabling the updates to be brought back straight from the desert launch site!

The 60 foot tall launch tower is now in position, the avionics have passed all their systems checks, the hybrid rocket motor is all ready to go, and all that remains, is to attach the rocket to the launch tower, arm the avionics and ignition system, power up all the ground receiving and tracking stations, fill the oxidiser tank on the rocket and go!

The MARS Deimos Odyssey Rocket uses the B4 hybrid rocket motor developed from scratch by MARS, which has previously been successfully static tested and flight tested. Much of the launch equipment has been scrtach built by MARS, as well as tracking and telemetry equipment.

The launch updates are brought to you from the Black Rock Desert, Nevada U.S.A. (40 48.741 N 119 07.335 W) courtesy of satellite access facilities provides by Schlumberger and other equipment provided by JVC Professional, Pentax, Jupiter Displays, Airborne Engineering Limited, Terralogic, Mission Communications, Rocket Hunter, Specialist Engineering, L&S Davis BVBA and Andron Handling Solutions.

Below: The MARS Launch Team with the Deimos-Odyssey Rocket before launch - September 20th, 2002

The MARS Deimos Odyssey Rocket and Launch Crew - September 2002