MARS Deimos Odyssey Launches and is Recovered!!!

22nd September, 2002 - The MARS Deimos-Odyssey rocket took off late in the afternoon U.S. time. Details are still coming in, but the following is known so far:

  • The launch procedure was successful, and the MARS Deimos-Odyssey rocket launched on a straight trajectory with the big MARS B4 hybrid rocket motor powering the rocket out of sight, with an over 20 second burn.

  • The whole rocket has been recovered intact, both the booster section and the payload section, both of which deployed separate parachutes and came down independently. Both sections have now been returned to the launch site by the recovery crews.

  • Telemetry was received on the ascent and descent, with good ascent footage from the onboard video cameras.

  • The avionics and payloads all worked successfully.

    More information when it comes in......

    The launch updates are brought to you from the Black Rock Desert, Nevada U.S.A. (40 48.741 N 119 07.335 W) courtesy of satellite access facilities provides by Schlumberger and other equipment provided by JVC Professional, Pentax, Jupiter Displays, Airborne Engineering Limited, Terralogic, Mission Communications, Rocket Hunter, Specialist Engineering, L&S Davis BVBA and Andron Handling Solutions.

    Below: The MARS Deimos-Odyssey Rocket - September 22nd, 2002

    The MARS Deimos Odyssey Rocket - September 2002