Pentax Continued Sponsorship for 2003

Pentax announces that it would be continuing to support the MARS Advanced Rocketry Society and their Demios-Odyssey programme as it progresses through its next stage. After the outstanding achievements of the team this year in Nevada, setting a new British hybrid altitude record, Pentax is looking forward to helping the MARS team achieve their goals for this coming year.

Ken Tremain, general manager of Pentax UK's CCTV division who provided the lens for the project this summer said: " In 1947 the speed of sound was broken for the first time and it took countless hundreds of thousands of pounds to achieve. What these guys have done in their spare time, and with their own money, makes them world-beaters in my eyes.

"We've had prior experience of our lenses being specified for aerospace applications but it's still staggering to consider that systems onboard this craft were subject to forces in excess of 40Gs at speeds of up to 998mph."

Next year we here at MARS will aim to push the boundaries of our hybrid technology and better the high standards we have set ourselves in the field of amateur rocketry and we are proud to say that Pentax will be there with us.