Swagelok - North London sponsors MARS

MARS are very pleased to announce a new sponsorship deal with Swagelok distributor North London Fluid System Technologies Limited; known as Swagelok North London. Swagelok components are regarded throughout the world as leaders in their field, utilised wherever high pressure gas or fluid systems are encountered in many hi-tech industries like; offshore platforms, petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical and aerospace companies.

As the MARS rockets have become more advanced one of the key issues raised at last years launch was the requirement for a more sophisticated rocket fill manifold. With the help of Swagelok North London we have designed and constructed a new system that will be able to cope with the harsh and extreme environment of the Black Rock desert in Nevada this September. The new manifold system has been easy to construct due to the wide selection of fittings available in the Swagelok range. It is this diversity of components that allow the system to interface to a number of different fitting standards thereby making it highly flexible and easy to adapt to our future needs.