Deimos Rockets

The Deimos Project is the single most important aspect of MARS's rocket development work. The Deimos series rockets are the hybrid powered amateur rockets that draw on, and utilise the technologies and techniques developed through the other projects.

Deimos-1 was not only the first amateur rocket flown by MARS, but was also the first true amateur or professional hybrid rocket to ever be launched from British soil. Powered by the MARS BK Flamer hybrid rocket motor, this vehicle has paved the way for a series of increasingly adventurous hybrid motor powered amateur rockets, most recently, the Deimos-2 series, which utilise the massive B4 hybrid rocket motor.

The final goal of the Deimos project, and the main drive for MARS as a whole, is the completion and launch of the Deimos-3 rocket. Deimos-3 will be a single stage hybrid motor powered sounding rocket of largely composite construction, capable not only of setting a new World amateur rocket altitude record, but of leaving the Earth's atmosphere behind, and crossing the internationally recognised 100km boundary of space, to become the first amateur rocket to reach space, powered by a hybrid rocket motor built by MARS.