Deimos 2

Originally designed in 1998/1999, as a test-bed vehicle for the MARS "B4" hybrid rocket motor, the Deimos-2 series of rockets are paving the way for development of the Deimos-3 space capable rockets.

Early on in the Deimos programme, MARS decided that a test vehicle would be needed to enable development flights of the "B4" hybrid rocket motor - at that time, slated to be the first stage propulsion system for the Deimos 3 rocket. It was then decided to build a 6 inch diameter test rocket that was capable of being fitted with oxidiser tanks ranging from 2 litres up to 60 litres in volume, that would eventually, and naturally, evolve into the Deimos 3 1st stage.

After a number of flight tests of Deimos 2 Systems Test Vehicles using High Power Rocketry solid rocket motors, the first amateur hybrid rocket motor powered Deimos 2 class vehicle was launched in November 2001, providing a flight test of the B4 hybrid rocket motor. The rocket was also the heaviest rocket that MARS had launched, and carried the most comprehensive payload the group had ever developed. The B4 hybrid rocket motor operated beautifully, lifting the 60 kg rocket and its payload of video and stills cameras and altimeter/accelerometers to almost 7000 feet in altitude.

Experience from Deimos 2 has been channeled into the Deimos Odyssey programme, which uses the full-size tank that the B4 is designed for.

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