First flight in the Deimos Project

At the International Rocket week event held in Scotland, the first rocket in the Deimos project was succesfully flown.

Following not far behind the unveiling of the 2 rocket configurations in the Deimos Project, MARS's bid to put a rocket into space. MARS has successfully launched the first of its flight test demonstration vehicles, an airframe and recovery test for the upcoming flights of the hybrid powered Deimos-2. The rocket, christened Kev-Stick Bullet, or KSB, was based on the previous Kev Bullet rocket, which also flew successfully, at the UKRA Launch event in June 1999.

The rocket used in this flight test used commercially available Aerotech solid rocket motors, unlike the high altitude variant, which uses a far larger, scratch built amateur hybrid rocket motor. The rocket launched and recovered successfully, and is being prepared for the next flight in what will undoubtedly, be a barrage of flight tests.

MARS attended the event from the end of the week until the bank holiday monday. A number of HPR and model rockets were flown by MARS members, most were sucessful, although there were some spectacular cato's and a boost glider crash. The number of HPR rockets flown at the event had increased compared to last year, indeed the overall attendace was at about 130 rocket flier's from the UK and even some people from Europe.

By Iain Colledge